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Do Etsy Sellers Need to Have a Privacy Policy?

Updated: May 27, 2020

What are your obligations, as an Etsy seller, with regards to GDPR (data protection regulation)?

This is a grey area and something a lot of Etsy sellers don't think about or swipe under the carpet.

I'm not saying this is the first thing you need to sort out when you open your Etsy shop, but if you take your business seriously and want to abide by the law, you will need to consider your approach at some point in time.

As an Etsy shop owner you are a 'data controller' and Etsy will not cover your back if any customer happens to have an issue with their privacy rights being breached. Having said that, it's not very likely someone will do that, especially when you don't yet have a large amount of orders to process.

I suggest you have a privacy policy in your 'Policies' section of your shop and later on, when you have some spare time, have a look at the law more in detail. If you are in the UK there is a brilliant tool you can use on the ICO website. I put a link to this below. This is a self assessment tool that you can use to decide if you need to register. (It only costs £35/year to register.) There are great sample policiy texts too that you can tailor to your needs and use. Another important thing to remember is to never spam your customers. So you can prevent any future issues.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or legal expert. What I share here is my own private opinion. For financial (including tax, accounting) or legal advice please turn to official experts in those fields. For the latest Etsy policies contact Etsy's support team.

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