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The Biggest Newbie Mistake on Etsy

You love what you do. Your family and friends love it (at least that what they say :)). You are clearly talented! Jolly good! You're set for success on Etsy! I wish it was so easy!

You have to be really lucky to sell like crazy on Etsy (or any other platform) without any marketing strategy. Without a well thought through target audience in mind, to start with.

A huge mistake many sellers make is that they target everyone they possibly can.

It might sound counterproductive but less is more in this case. Here are the reasons why.

If you try to communicate to everybody, no one will hear you, because your voice is lost in the vast ocean of noise. There are about 2.5 million sellers on Etsy and all want to grab the attention of a buyer. It's even more so if you are aiming at one of the more competitive categories, like jewellery, cards or face masks (at his time). It's much easier to find your audience if they truly feel you are talking to them. Imagine you are a buyer and you have a cat. You also love to travel and would love to take your cat with you if you could. What if someone started to sell stuff for people who travel with cats? Would that grab your attention more than any other cat-stuff seller? Wouldn't you think immediately that 'OMG, this shop gets me!'? I would. This might have been a silly idea but you get the picture. Narrowing down your audience and understanding their pains and joys is very helpful in order to get their attention.

Another important aspect of selling to a smaller niche is that you don't have to compete on prices that much. There will be less competition and more emotional buying.

And thirdly, Etsy's search engine optimisation will love you more if your target market is well defined. All your tags and titles and descriptions (maybe even your shop name) will show the algorithm towards the same direction. Etsy prefers clear search terms and it hates confusion.

Having said all that, I have made exactly this mistake when I started out and I'm still not good at narrowing my target audience, partly because I simply enjoy making what comes into my mind. (Not a good strategy!) Also, it is not easy to find a good profitable niche that is not too crowded but there is still enough demand! Much easier said than done. However I would recommend you to do some mind-play or brainstorming if you wish. Imagine your typical buyer. You could imagine a friend or family member, or you can simply save a random image from the internet. And answer these questions:

Is your buyer a woman or a man? (70% of Etsy's buyers are women, so it might be good to keep in mind that even if you target men, it might be that sisters, wives, partners or mothers will choose the product).

How old is your buyer?

What is their level of education, what might be their profession?

How much do they earn?

Do they have a family?

What are their biggest concerns?

Where do they spend their free time?

What are the social media platforms they use most?

What are their hobbies?

You could even give a name to them. Mine is called Peggy and she is from the US. Might sound silly, but it is easier to design new products to your customer with a face in mind.

I hope this was helpful and let me know who your customer is or what 'crazy' niche ideas do you have?


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